Ukraine says it repelled Russia's attacks after three hours of non-stop work

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Ukraine says Russian drones attacked the port of Odesa and damaged its infrastructure. Other strikes targeted the capital, Kyiv. Drones sent to the Black Sea were reportedly repulsed after 3 hours of non-stop work.

Ukraine says it repelled Russia's attacks after three hours of non-stop work

Ukrainian officials said on Wednesday that Russian drone strikes had damaged port infrastructure in Odesa and targeted the capital Kyiv from several directions.

Shahed-136 drones sent to the Black Sea via the Sea of Azov were repulsed after three hours of continuous operation, the military said.

Odessa governor Oleg Kiper said the attack damaged port infrastructure but no casualties were reported.


Moscow has intensified its attacks on the port city of Odesa after Russia suspended the Black Sea Grain Agreement last month. 

The agreement allowed some 33 million tons of grain to be exported through Ukrainian ports to world markets.

The ports of Izmail and Rheni, which are important for food supplies, have become one of Russia's main targets. On July 24, Reni was attacked by Msokova using drones.


Kyiv's military administration said earlier on Wednesday that more than 10 Russian drones had been shot down in a night attack on the capital.

"Groups of drones entered Kyiv simultaneously from several directions. However, all air targets - more than 10 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) - were detected and destroyed in time by the forces and means of air defense," said Sergiy Popko, head of the administration.

He said Russia used a barrage of Iranian-made Shahed drones and debris hit several sites.

Pieces of a drone landed in a playground and started a fire in a non-residential building. Emergency services were at the scene.

No one was reported killed or injured in the attack.

The administration had sounded the alarm before the attacks, warning residents to stay in shelters.

Source: Digital Journal


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