'Communication was normal' before crash on Taipan during miltary exercise

2023-08-03 11:04:27 | Last Update : 2023-08-03 11:13:17

The remains of four people and the black box from the Taipan helicopter that crashed into the sea during a joint US-Australian military exercise last week have been recovered. Data from the black box showed that communication was normal before the accident and that the flight was carried out in the usual manner.

'Communication was normal' before crash on Taipan during miltary exercise
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An official announced on Thursday that human remains were found during the search for the Australian army helicopter that crashed into the sea during a joint military exercise with the United States last week, killing four people. However, the black box did not contain enough data to explain the crash. 

The MRH-90 Taipan helicopter crashed on July 28 during a night operation in the Whitsunday Islands in northeastern Australia. An underwater drone found human remains and part of the cockpit at a depth of 40 meters on Wednesday, the Army General coordinating search and rescue efforts said.

The Australian navy will soon deploy specialized equipment to retrieve the wreckage and remains, the general told reporters.

Search efforts involving the US and Canadian militaries have been hampered by bad weather and strong currents at sea. 

It was important for search teams to reach the four people and recover the black box containing cockpit voice recordings and flight data to determine the cause of the crash. "The black box is critical to help us understand what really happened," said Gen.

The downed Taipan was taking part in Talisman Sabre, a joint US-Australian exercise that takes place every two years. This year's military exercise involved 13 countries and more than 30,000 military personnel.


The general said communications were normal before the crash. The exact cause of the fall of the helicopter, which was going on its usual course, has still not been determined.

While rescue operations were launched, it was announced on Monday that there was no possibility of surviving the helicopters. 

Source: NZ Herald


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