Russia and Syria hold joint exercises

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Russia and Syria conducted a joint military exercise. While the number of soldiers involved in the military exercise was not specified, information was given about the techniques used and the objectives of the exercise.

Russia and Syria hold joint exercises

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that the Russian Air Force and Syrian army special forces conducted a joint military exercise in the Syrian city of Hama. 

It was stated that Russian Su-35, Su-24 fighter jets, Mil Mi-8 and Ka-52 helicopters were used in the night-time exercise, Ihlas News reported.

While the ministry statement did not provide information on how many soldiers took part in the joint exercise, it said, "According to the exercise plan, the enemy aimed to reach government-controlled areas. As part of the exercise, a joint exercise was organized under the command of Russian forces to liberate settlements," the statement said. 

"The crews of Su-35 and Su-24 fighter jets conducted reconnaissance to detect areas of attack and their weapons, especially at important facilities. Ka-52 helicopters destroyed enemy armored vehicles and attack positions. Syrian soldiers parachuted from Mili-8 helicopters from an altitude of 1,500-3,000 meters."

Source: Ihlas News Agency


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