Ukraine attacks Russian tanker in Kerch Strait: Russian sources

2023-08-05 11:15:27 | Last Update : 2023-08-05 11:57:29

Russian news agency Tass reported that the Ukrainian army attacked a Russian tanker with an unmanned sea vehicle near the Kerch Strait.

Ukraine attacks Russian tanker in Kerch Strait: Russian sources
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A Russian tanker near the Kerch Strait was attacked by unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) by Ukrainian forces on Saturday, according to the Novorossiysk Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, Russian news agency Tass reported.

The statement said that the tanker was damaged during the attack.

"The crew is in a safe place, no injuries. Marine rescue service is dealing with the matter, 2 tugboats have arrived in the area. Now they will decide whether to tow the ship while it is at anchor. The engine room is damaged," the statement said.

In addition, it was learned that the tanker was not in danger of sinking and there was no oil spill.

However, the Ukrainian media said that the attack on the tanker was an operation of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).


Speaking to Ukraine's local news site, SBU officials emphasized that an unmanned sea vehicle loaded with 450 kilograms of trotils was involved in the special operation.

"As a result, one of Russia's most powerful oil tankers started a negative journey near the Crimean Bridge," the sources said. "According to preliminary information, the Russian tanker was loaded with fuel,” the officials said.

"The SBU conducted its next successful special operation with the Navy. Interestingly, this operation took place precisely in Ukrainian territorial waters," they added.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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