US plans to evacuate military bases in Niger

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The United States (US) is making plans to evacuate its bases in Niger, where ECOWAS has threatened military intervention. General James Hecker of the US military stated that allies in the Sahara and Sahel region are being considered for relocation.

US plans to evacuate military bases in Niger

The United States (US) military is making plans to evacuate its military bases in Niger as the risk of war increases. General James Hecker, the commander of the US Air Force in Africa, said in Washington that they are conducting precautionary assessments, including the evacuation of two bases in Niger.

Hecker announced plans to evacuate drone and counter-terrorism military bases in the West African country of Niger, should it become necessary.

Allied countries in the Sahara and Sahel region, one of the regions where terrorist organizations are most active, are being considered to host a "possible" relocation operation, he said.

The US considers its military bases in the region as important centers for the fight against terrorism. It is also stated that the recently increased Wagner presence is vital for monitoring.


Hecker said the US withdrawal from bases in Niger would hamper intelligence and counter-terrorism efforts.

The US has a drone base in Agadez and an air base in Niamey.

Following the coup d'état that ousted President Mohammed Bazoum from power in Niger, the US ordered its troops not to leave their bases. The US is thought to have around 1,200 military personnel in Niger.


In Niger, President Mohamed Bazoum was detained by elements of the Presidential Guard Regiment on July 26, and the military announced its seizure of power that evening.

On July 28, General Abdourrahmane (Omar) Tchiani, the commander of the Presidential Guard Regiment, assumed leadership of the junta, the National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland (CNSP), and became the head of the transitional government.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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