India, Armenia sign defense agreement

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The Armenia-India Defense Ministries 2024-2025 Cooperation Plan was signed at a meeting in the capital Yerevan with the participation of officials from both countries

India, Armenia sign defense agreement

The Armenian Defense Ministry stated that the meeting marked the "inaugural official consultation session" between the defense ministries of India and Armenia.

In Yerevan, Levon Ayvazyan, Chief of the Defense Policy and International Cooperation Department of Armenia, and Vishwesh Negi, Joint Secretary for International Cooperation of the Indian Ministry of Defense, signed the 2024-2025 Collaboration Plan.

Throughout the session, discussions encompassed the existing collaboration status between Armenia and India in military technology and training domains, alongside future developmental prospects.

Furthermore, an agreement was reached to form a collaborative task force.

Military cooperation between Armenia and India

In September 2022, Yerevan placed an order in India for Pinaka multiple-launch rocket systems, anti-tank missiles and ammunition valued at approximately $245 million. Additionally, four Swathi mobile radar systems, totaling $40 million, were included in the procurement.

In 2022, Armenia also ordered 90 advanced towed artillery systems (ATAGS) worth $155.5 million from India, with the first batch of six 155-millimeter towed howitzers delivered in August 2023.

Yerevan also ordered $41 million worth of anti-UAV defense systems from Indian company Zen Anti-Drone System (ZADS) and a tactical wheeled vehicle-mounted 155 millimeter/39 MArG howitzer system developed by Indian Kalyani Strategic Systems.

Source: AA

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