Russia's financial source of the Ukraine War

2023-04-08 11:34:22 | Last Update : 2023-04-08 11:52:03

In the first year of the Russia-Ukraine war, the cost of the war increases as the war drags on. Despite this, Russia can finance the war on its own. Russian President Vladimir Putin is estimated to have a fortune of around 250 million euros. It is curious how Putin got this fortune.

Russia's financial source of the Ukraine War
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Planes, yachts, palaces. On the other hand, tanks sent to Kyiv, missiles targeting civilian areas… All of this must have a serious cost. To understand Vladimir Putin's rise, let's go back to the fall of the Soviet Union...

Under Boris Yeltsin, the Kremlin awarded a small state contracts, creating an oligarchy group. Putin was already in charge of the Kremlin at that time.

After Putin took his post from Boris Yeltsin, his first job was to fight the oligarchy. Russia was economically strong, but the Russian economy was in the hands of a few. He sided with the oligarchs to end the gang and for the country's economy.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the businessmen, who collapsed into the privatization of the state and became a semi-mafia, started the struggle by expressing their demands clearly in that famous meeting under the power of Putin.

He continued his struggle with those who did not fulfill their demands, just like the death of the oligarchs who were against him in the Russia-Ukraine war, mysterious losses, poisonings and detentions occurred at that time.

Russia's oligarchs dominated the most lucrative key sectors of the economy, such as oil and gas, mining and telecommunications.

But they knew they owed their wealth to Putin, who held power. Putin was free to use whatever oligarch he wanted, and he could hide his personal wealth from them. When we look at Putin's incredible wealth, palaces stand out. In fact, the Russian leader thinks that he has dozens of residences around the world, but the two most important palaces almost display their wealth.

The Valdai palace, in the standard of the huge wellness facility on the shore of Lake Valdai in the north of Russia, belongs to the Kremlin, partly to Yuri, a so-called close friend of Putin. It includes a spa, mud bath, 25-meter swimming pool, steam room, massage, sauna, massage baths and even a Turkish bath.

In addition, a large yellow and blue children's playground was built in the depths of the forest next to the residence. In another palace, on the Black Sea, in the forest, this palace, which is so enjoyable to overshadow Buckingham Palace, has secluded flight and boat-free zones.

There are entertainment rooms in the "Gelendzhik" Palace. Here, too, is the marina's helipad, which offers easy access to Putin. It has various facilities including gym and spa.

In discussions about the palace, Russian oligarch Arkady Rotenberg denied that the palace belonged to Putin and said that the property belonged to him. Let's say that Rotenberg and Putin have been best friends since childhood. Of course, both palaces are not registered in the name of Putin.

And let's come to planes, yachts, cars... Of course, it is worthy to travel in luxury to such ultra-luxurious mansions. Although Putin's annual salary is said to be 107,000 pounds, he is also one of the automobile arrests. In addition, there are other means of transportation that he will feel comfortable in both the air and the sea.

The 700 million dollar 'Scheherazade' yacht, named after Putin's Arabian Nights, was supposedly given to him by oligarchs close to Putin. The mega yacht, which has visited Bodrum many times before, ranks 14th in the world in terms of length of motor yachts. In May, the Italian government seized the luxury yacht, allegedly belonging to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, within the scope of sanctions due to the war against Ukraine.

It has nine luxury cabins, two helipads and a crew room for 40 people. Much like Putin's palaces on land, Scheherazade is equipped with a swimming pool and spa complex, and is lined with gold, sumptuous wood and fine fabrics.

The Russian leader also owns private jets. In addition, Putin has the Russian ILyushin-96-PU aircraft at his disposal.

Again, ultra luxury was used generously in its jets. There are even gold-plated toilet covers and sinks.


There is also a lot of talk about what Putin wears. The Russian leader is dressed by world-famous designers. Luxury clothes were talked about a lot for a while. In addition, watches and shoes also prefer special designs. In fact, it is known that he has a special interest in luxury watches.

In other words, although his net worth cannot be calculated exactly, Russian President Vladimir Putin is among the richest people in the world until he takes power.

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