Gas Hydrate source to replace oil and natural gas

2023-04-29 16:12:27 | Last Update : 2023-04-29 16:56:57

There is talk of a brand new source of energy reserves in the Mavi Vatan. Have you ever heard of this name? Gas hydrate, the fuel of the future, the source of wealth…

Gas Hydrate source to replace oil and natural gas
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The 20th century was the era when steam engines and internal combustion engines were common. While oil was this century's key energy source, things have changed in the 21st century.
Climate change, together with cleaner energy sources technology is rapidly changing towards the concept of green energy.

The whole world is making an intense effort for electric vehicles and renewable energies. In fact, the world started gas hydrate studies long ago. Russia, Japan, India, USA, China and South Korea are the countries that transfer the most resources in this regard.

Gas hydrate consists of ice trapped in methane gas. Gas hydrates in nature contain predominantly methane gas and can be easily transported because it is in solid form.
It has some superior features than natural gas

Gas hydrate (Frozen Methane) occupies 6 times less volume than Natural Gas. Therefore, it is possible to obtain 164 cubic meters of natural gas from 1 cubic meter of gas hydrate. In addition, unlike natural gas, it can be transported without the need for pipelines. The natural gas in it can be easily removed and distributed at the place of use.


With the signals sent from Oruç Reis and Piri Reis ships, there are gas hydrate reserves in our seas. In Türkiye, there are gas hydrate deposits in the Black Sea and especially in the Eastern Mediterranean. Gas hydrate is not difficult to extract, just the cost is high. The technology to get it out of the sea is in Japan, Russia and the USA. It's spreading as it goes.

It is said that the Black Sea is twice as much in the Mediterranean. We are talking about a game changer in the field of energy. Western states want to operate their own gas hydrate deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean by using Greece. Agreements for gas hydrate production have already been signed between US, British, French, Italian and Dutch companies, as well as between Greece and the Republic of Southern Cyprus.
We are talking about a resource that countries can fight for in the future. If it is successful in removing it cheaply and economically, it can bring our country to the first position in this field. For this reason, it should be more conscious and focus on technologies to research.

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