Transformative gas processing platform en route to Turkiye from Brazil

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Turkish Petroleum Corporation acquires platform ship, size of 4 football fields, from Brazil to process natural gas discovered in Black Sea

Transformative gas processing platform en route to Turkiye from Brazil

Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), which has brought 710 billion cubic meters of natural gas discovered in the Black Sea to land via pipelines, has now purchased a platform ship the size of 4 football fields to process the gas in the middle of the sea. This ship, procured from Brazil and currently undergoing modernization in Singapore, is set to reach Turkiye by June 2025.

The expansive floating platform will play a pivotal role in processing crude gas extracted from the depths of the Black Sea directly in the open sea. Subsequently, the processed gas will be transported to the mainland via newly laid pipelines. Phase-1 of production is slated to yield 10 million cubic meters, followed by a substantial increase to 20 million cubic meters in Phase-2, facilitated by the newly acquired platform.

Unlike traditional ships, this platform lacks an engine and will be towed to Turkiye by other vessels. In addition to its gas processing capabilities, the platform will feature various living spaces to accommodate technical personnel during operations. Specialized teams from Norway will be brought in during platform usage, not only to assist but also to provide training to Turkish teams.

Given that constructing a similar platform from scratch would take approximately five years, the decision was made to purchase and modify a second-hand platform, presenting a cost advantage of around 60 percent compared to a new platform. The overhauled platform, tailored to Turkiye's requirements, is anticipated to arrive in the country by June 2025, positioning Turkiye as a significant player on the global stage. It will be the sixth country, after the United States, Russia, Brazil, Norway, and Malaysia, to possess such a platform.


Sources reveal that the Turkish flag has already been raised on the platform in Singapore, adorned with the moon and star. There are early discussions about potential names for the platform, with the suggestion of "Republic" gaining traction. It is rumored that the final decision on the platform's name will be made by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, potentially in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic.

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