Dutch ate Turkish kebab the most in 2022

2023-03-07 13:47:14 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-03-07 13:57:02

Turkish Kebab was the most ordered dish in the Netherlands in 2022. In the 2022 report of Thuisbezorgd, the largest food ordering platform in the Netherlands, Turkish Kapsalon Doner took the first place. It was stated that Kapsalon, consisting of french fries, doner kebab, cheddar cheese, salad and sauce, is preferred especially in areas where Dutch people are concentrated.

Dutch ate Turkish kebab the most in 2022
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In the report of Thuisbezorgd, the largest online food ordering platform in the Netherlands, for 2022, it was noted that the most ordered dish is kapsalon doner. In the report, it was stated that kapsalon is the first most ordered dish in 7 of the 12 regions of the country and the second most ordered food in one region. Selahattin Dagasan, owner of Hilal Shoarma restaurant in the capital city of Amsterdam, said about the kapsalon, "We sell 40-50 kapsalons daily, on weekdays, 100-120 on weekends, sometimes up to 150."


Dagasan stated that the Dutch often prefer kapsalon because they love potatoes and cheese: "When preparing kapsalon, we cook the potatoes first, then put the meat on it. We put cheese on the meat and melt it. After the cheese melts, we add their sauces and salads. These are the things the Dutch like anyway. That's why it's very popular."


In Thuisbezorgd's report, Dagasan stated that he finds it interesting that the most ordered dish on Valentine's Day on February 14, 2022 is kapsalon. Dagasan said, "The ones who eat the sauces like it the most. We have a special sauce made with mayonnaise and garlic. We have hot sauce. It is very good when you mix them with melted cheese, potatoes and meat." 


Stating that kapsalon is the first in the regions on the border of Germany and Belgium, where the Dutch are densely populated, Dagasan said, "While other dishes are preferred in places where foreigners live, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, we see that kapsalon is the most sold dish in regions where the Dutch are concentrated." Stating that Kapsalon is one of the two most preferred dishes in the Netherlands, Dagasan said that it has started to be made in other countries and homes in recent years.