Scottish island goes on sale for £150,000

2023-04-30 14:08:26 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-04-30 14:19:09

Scotland's Barlocco Island has been put up for sale for at least 150,000 pounds. More than 50 suitors have already appeared on the island.

Scottish island goes on sale for £150,000
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Barlocco Island, off the west coast of Scotland, has been put up for sale with a minimum price of 150,000 pounds. Buyers from all over the world are tempted by the island's remoteness and ruggedness. The island, which is about 100 acres in size, is almost completely uninhabited and has no buildings on it. There is only one flood pond suitable for animal husbandry on the island. There are stunning views of the Scottish coastline, a pebbly beach and unspoilt natural surroundings to enjoy. People can reach the island on foot or by ATV at low tide, and by boat at other times. According to the BBC's report, more than 50 buyers applied to buy the island.


Real estate agent David Corrie, who was involved in the sale of the property, told The New York Times that this level of interest did not surprise him. The focus on changing land use around the world and making people want to reconnect with the land means that such properties are creating and finding value in a new market.

"This is an often overlooked area with some of Scotland's most beautiful scenery, scenic coastline and extensive forests and a very low population density," Corrie said. With approximately 160 kilometers of south-facing coastline, the area has been known for centuries as a place of unmatched scenery and natural light. It was this feature that attracted many artists to the region in the 19th and 20th centuries.


Corrie expects more offers to come to the island throughout the week. Prospective buyers will give their best prices through sealed offers. Whoever takes pride in owning the island will probably not be able to make much change on the island.
Notable for its pristine natural environment, which includes rocky outcrop, dune grasslands, and large seabird colonies, the Borgue Coast is within the Area of Special Scientific Interest. Government guidelines define these special areas as "nationally important natural areas." Zoning in these areas is strictly limited.

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