Sweden won this year's 67th Eurovision Song Contest

2023-05-14 11:19:05 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-05-14 11:25:03

Sweden won the 67th edition of this year's Eurovision song contest. Although Ukraine won the contest last year, the UK hosted the contest this year due to the war.

Sweden won this year's 67th Eurovision Song Contest
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The final night of Eurovision 2023, which was broadcast yesterday, opened with the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra, the winner of last year's contest. Among the countries competing in the final, Sweden came 1st with 583 points, Finland came 2nd with 526 points and Israel came 3rd with 362 points. Germany, which had the lowest score in the final, finished last in the Eurovision final with 18 points, reported Ihlas News Agency.


Among the 26 countries competing in the final were Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, France, Cyprus, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden, Albania, Albania, Italy, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Armenia, Moldova, Moldova, Ukraine, Norway, Germany, Lithuania, Israel, Slovenia, Slovenia, Slovenia, Slovenia, Croatia and the United Kingdom.

Last year, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) banned Russia from participating in Eurovision due to Russia's aggression against Ukraine. Russia has not participated in Eurovision for the last two years.

Source: Ihlas News Agency