Famous model Gigi Hadid arrested for drugs

2023-07-19 13:49:30 | Last Update : 2023-07-19 14:16:47

World-famous Palestinian model Gigi Hadid was arrested in the Cayman Islands, where she went for vacation. While it was learned that Hadid was arrested due to the presence of drugs in her suitcase, her spokesperson announced that the drug was "medically licensed".

Famous model Gigi Hadid arrested for drugs
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The world-famous Palestinian model Gigi Hadid, whose every move is an event, got into trouble in the Cayman Islands, where she went on vacation with her friend Leah McCarthy. It turned out that Hadid was arrested for having drugs in her suitcase on the island, which is located in the Caribbean and connected to England.


On July 10, it was learned that Hadid and her model friend, who were arrested after the incident, were released on bail of one thousand dollars. The news of the arrest, which spread as a rumor, was confirmed by a statement made by Hadid's spokesperson.

"Gigi was traveling with a medically licensed drug that is legal in New York. It has also been legal in Grand Cayman since 2017. So her record remains clean and she is enjoying her time on the island," said the spokesperson in the statement.


Hadid, who did not make any statements after the short time she spent in prison, continues to share photos from her Cayman vacation on her social media account.

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