Erkin Koray, the legendary name of Turkish rock music, died in Canada

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Bad news came from master artist Erkin Koray, who is remembered for Fesuphanallah, Cemalim, Estarabim, Öyle Bir Gecer Zaman Ki and many more. Erkin Koray, the legendary name of rock music, lost his life in Canada.

Erkin Koray, who was fighting against age-related health problems as well as lung-related ailments, was rushed to the hospital in Toronto, Kanada. Legendary name of rock music Erkin Koray died at the age of 82. 


Damla, the daughter of the master artist, announced the news of her father's death with an emotional message on social media.

Koray's daughter Damla stated the following in her message:

"My father... Our father... My dearest heart, I, your daughter and all of us who embraced you as Father, have never lost our beautiful energy, love, respect and applause for you even for a single day, and we will never do so again. Your works will live on in our tongues and your love in our hearts, always and forever.

"The most solid man I have ever known, the inventor of Anatolian Rock, my dear father...

"I am grateful for what he did for me. I can't do it justice. I'm sure your children will always be grateful for what you did to advance their country, their culture and the republic you deemed worthy of them. You have my blessings. Your daughter Damla who loves you very, very much."


Erkin Koray was born on June 24, 1941 in Kadıkoy, Istanbul. Turkish rock artist Erkin Koray has produced original works in the genres of Anatolian rock, psychedelic rock and hard rock, and has rearranged many folk songs.

He influenced many musicians with his original works and his studies in eastern and western music. He gave the most important works of Anatolian rock style by interpreting Turkish folk music with works.

In addition to Arabesque-rock songs which were widely acclaimed by the masses, he has also written many important works that can be described as psychedelic rock and metal music.

Towards the end of the 1960s, it is said that he invented the electric baglama in order to make the sound of the baglama more audible in music venues and to use it in rock music.


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