American singer Christina Aguilera performs in Türkiye’s Antalya

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7 Grammy award-winning, American singer Christina Aguilera gave a concert to Turkish fans for the first time in Antalya, one of the favorite cities of Türkiye's Mediterranean region.

American singer Christina Aguilera performs in Türkiye’s Antalya

Seven-time Grammy-winning American singer and songwriter Christina Aguilera gave her first concert in Türkiye on Tuesday.

Aguilera, a 43-year-old pop, gospel, jazz and blues (R&B) singer, took the stage as part of a concert program at one of Antalya's popular hotels.

About 2,500 people came to watch her and listen to her songs. The famous singer often thanked her fans for coming throughout her concert.

Aguilera was accompanied on stage by eight dancers and three vocalists.

Known for her 4-octave vocal rangeand ability to sustain high notes, the American singer performed some of her best-known songs.

In addition, British singer-songwriter Tom Odell, who won the Brit Rising Star Award on August 21, will perform at the same venue.

World-famous singers such as Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa, Tom Jones, Rita Ora, Jason Derulo, James Arthur and Anne Marie have also performed at the hotel in Antalya in the past years.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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