Manchester's Antony dismissed from national team after beating girlfriend

2023-09-05 17:03:33 | Last Update : 2023-09-05 17:09:11

Antony Matheus dos Santos, who plays for Manchester United, one of the English Premier League teams, has been excluded from the Brazil National Team squad.

Manchester's Antony dismissed from national team after beating girlfriend
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The Brazilian Football Federation announced that it has removed Manchester United footballer Antony Matheus dos Santos from the national team squad for allegedly physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

In the statement made by the Federation, it was stated that the decision in question was taken due to the public outcry over the allegation and the need for an investigation.

"I can safely say that all the accusations against me do not reflect the truth. The evidence will show that I am innocent," Anthony said.

According to Brazilian media reports, 23-year-old Antony physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin in a hotel room in Manchester on January 15. Manchester and Sao Paulo police departments are also continuing their investigation into the incident.

Antony, who scored 2 goals in 15 matches for the Brazilian National Team, scored 10 goals and 5 assists in 47 matches in all competitions for Manchester United last season.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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