Joe Jonas files for divorce against Sophie Turner

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British actress Sophie Turner, who became famous with the Game of Thrones series, and singer Joe Jonas decided to divorce after 4 years of marriage. New information about the reason for the separation of the couple, who have two children, has emerged.

Joe Jonas files for divorce against Sophie Turner

Married in 2019 and having two children, the Sophie Turner-Joe Jonas couple decided to end their marriage. It was reported that 34-year-old Jonas filed for divorce against Turner. According to TMZ's report, Jonas is demanding joint custody of his two children.


It is known that the duo has a marriage contract and the children have been staying with Joe Jonas for some time. The singer, who is on a world tour, stated that he always takes his children with him.

In addition to this, it turned out that the couple had problems in their relationship for the last 6 months and Jonas went in search of a lawyer last week.

The fact that Jonas filed for divorce strengthened the claim that the singer wanted to leave.

"Sophie loves going to parties, while Joe wants to stay at home. They have very different lives," thesource close to the couple said.

According to Page Six, Jonas has been making a long effort to save his 4-year marriage.

Meeting in 2016, the couple got engaged the same year and got married in Las Vegas in 2019.

Source: TMZ

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