Shakira casts carer fired by Pique in her music video

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Shakira claimed the carer, who was rumoured to have fired Gerard Pique without compensation on the grounds that he conveyed the cheating allegations about him to Shakira. The famous singer featured the carer fired by her ex-lover in her last clip.

Shakira casts carer fired by Pique in her music video

Shakira seems to have struck another blow after the contentious separation by playing the nanny fired by her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique in her latest music video.

The 46-year-old Colombian singer featured Lili Melgar, who helps look after the two young sons she shares with the Spanish footballer, in the video for his new Spanish-language track "El Jefe" with Mexican band Fuerza Regina. It was rumored that Piqué had fired the nanny on the grounds that she had conveyed allegations of infidelity about him to the singer.

In addition to a surprise image of the carer in the clip, it is also noteworthy that Shakira sings the words "Lili Melgar" in the song. Shakira uses the words "Lili Melgar, let this song come to you, they did not pay you compensation" in the song.

It is known that nanny Lili was fired without compensation after she told Shakira about her husband's alleged infidelity.

Shakira and 36-year-old Pique, who have been together since early 2011, announced their separation in June 2022, while rumors were spreading that Pique was cheating on Shakira. Although the duo never confirmed the reasons for their breakup, it was seen that Shakira made some sarcastic references to her ex-lover on social media and in her music.

Gerard Pique and Shakira's separation was eventful. Pique, who cheated on his lover for a long time, then left behind a clue that he never thought of, and this cheating, which created a kind of scandal, was revealed. According to an allegation, while Shakira was away from Barcelona, where she lived with her two sons, Gerard Pique participated in an online conversation. While he was talking in front of the camera, there was a young woman behind him who occasionally entered the frame.

In this conversation on social media, other participants immediately realized that it was not Shakira, and so the deception was revealed. But according to another recent allegation, it was a jar of strawberry jam that Shakira found in the fridge, some of which had been eaten, that gave Gerard Pique away. Someone else had definitely come home because Gerard Pique would never eat strawberry jam.

According to Shakira's own admission, this deception was a great devastation for her.

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