American singer Beyonce earns millions of dollars from her world tour

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It was revealed how much Beyonce, who made a big impact with her world tour called Renaissance after seven years, earned from the tour.

American singer Beyonce earns millions of dollars from her world tour

Famous singer Beyonce embarked on her first solo tour called Renaissance after seven years. The popular name of R&B music met with many fans within the scope of the world tour.

It was announced that the singer's world tour, which ended on September 27 in New Orleans, earned a total of 579 million dollar.

The singer, who gave concerts in many cities in Europe and America, met with 2.7 million viewers during his tour that started in May.

Beyonce gave 56 concerts in 39 cities.

The star also managed to be on the agenda by wearing the clothes of many luxury brands during the tour.


Beyonce is now preparing to bring her world tour to the big screen. The film includes images from the 42-year-old American star's world tour and a documentary-style narrative about the creation of the tour.

The American press stated that the release date of the film titled "Beyonce: Renaissance World Tour" maybe December 1, although it is not certain.

Source: Newsroom

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