Dwayne Johnson's wax sculpture criticizes

2023-10-21 17:21:54 | Last Update : 2023-10-21 17:28:04

The wax statue of Dwayne Johnson, one of Hollywood's favorite actors, was criticized for not looking like him at all.

Dwayne Johnson's wax sculpture criticizes
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The wax statue of famous actor Dwayne Johnson, known for theFast and Furious series, Black Adam, and San Andreas films, was criticized. The statue of the actor, known as "The Rock" and highly recognized in the world of professional wrestling, went on display at the Grevin Museum in France's Paris.

The new favorite of the museum, which exhibits wax statues of many famous figures, is the statue of Dwayne Johnson. However, the wax statue of the famous actor became an agenda on social media.

The statue was criticized for not accurately reflecting the actor's skin color and even looking more like Vin Diesel from the Fast and Furious series.

Among the comments made were statements such as "Why is his skin white and when will you fix it?" and "It looks like it was made with a social media filter".

Source: Newsroom

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