Hollywood celebrities react to Israel-Hamas war

2023-10-24 15:01:49 | Last Update : 2023-10-24 15:10:59

Israel's attack on Palestine has divided Hollywood. Some Jewish Hollywood stars wrote to the Writers Guild of America for not issuing a statement condemning the attacks. There were also some who criticized the Hamas attack.

Hollywood celebrities react to Israel-Hamas war
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The Israel-Hamas war seems to have divided Hollywood. According to the Wall Street Journal, the conflict has led to divisions among writers, who have stood shoulder to shoulder in the months-long strike, and disputes between executives and actors.

Several prominent Jewish writers expressed anger and disappointment with the Writers Guild of America for not issuing a statement condemning the attacks.

Hollywood stars, including Jerry Seinfeld and Sacha Baron Cohen, criticized the Writers Guild of America in an open letter.

On the other hand, it was claimed that comedian Dave Chappelle's condemnation of the Hamas attack during his show in Boston caused some audience members to leave the hall.

Oscar and Emmy award-winning actresses Cate Blanchett, Joaquin Phoenix, Kristen Stewart and world-famous singers such as Dua Lipa, Macklemore, and Diplo wrote a letter to US President Joe Biden and world leaders for a ceasefire in Palestine.

In a letter published on the website "Artists4ceasefire.org", the celebrities demanded that leaders call for an end to the bombardment of Gaza and the immediate release of the hostages.

More than two thousand artists in the United Kingdom (UK), including Charles Dance and Tilda Swinton, made a statement saying "We call on our government to end its military and political support for Israel".

Source: Wall Street Journal

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