88-year-old Harry Potter star Maggie Smith becomes model

2023-10-30 14:18:29 | Last Update : 2023-10-30 14:44:04

Maggie Smith, who gave life to the character of Professor McGonagall in the world-famous Harry Potter series, modeled for the new campaign of luxury fashion giant Loewe.

88-year-old Harry Potter star Maggie Smith becomes model
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British actress Maggie Smith became a model. The 88-year-old actress, who has written her name among the master actors with her roles on the screen and on the stage, faced the camera for the Loewe brand.

The campaign, shot by Juergen Teller, presents the Spring-Summer 2024 collection. Smith was accompanied by Dakota Fanning, Greta Lee, British actor Josh O'Connor, and South Korean artist Taeyong.

The 84-year-old actor Anthony Hopkins, who was previously the oldest actor to win an Oscar, also appeared in front of the camera for the brand.

The actress is known for her role as Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter series.

The designs of the Spanish fashion brand Loewe are designed by Jonathan Anderson. "Pixel" looking clothes, designs decorated with giant flowers, and much more have made the brand popular on social media this year.

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