The Simpsons continues to make predictions for 2024 and beyond

2023-11-06 14:16:58 | Last Update : 2023-11-06 15:43:04

The Simpsons series, which has been on the screens for many years and followed with interest by millions of people all over the world, is again on the agenda with the events that it predicts. The Simpsons, known for its many predictions that have come true in real life in the following years, is being talked about with its predictions for 2024 and beyond, as the new year approaches.

The Simpsons continues to make predictions for 2024 and beyond
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The long-running and widely-followed TV series, "The Simpsons," has once again captured public attention with its uncanny ability to foresee future events. As we approach the new year, the show's predictions for 2024 and beyond have become a topic of discussion.


In a 2015 episode titled "Trumptastic Journey," "The Simpsons" accurately foreshadowed Donald Trump's rise to the presidency of the United States and hinted at his potential candidacy in the 2024 elections. Al Jean, the series' screenwriter, even shared a scene from the episode on his social media account featuring a sign that reads "Trump 2024." The episode's script also hints at Trump's potential run in the 2028 elections.


In 18th episode of the series' 24th season, the show predicts a bedbug infestation in Paris. A person shared the episode on the social media platform TikTok with the episode's line: "Bedbugs were seen crawling in all public spaces in Paris as France struggles with the insect epidemic."

The episode brought to mind the bedbugs that have recently appeared in movie theaters in Paris, the capital of France and have recently started to be seen in subways and trains.


In one episode of the series, a scenario unfolds where people find themselves trapped indoors due to extreme heat. Strikingly, this fictional portrayal bears a resemblance to our current reality, raising concerns about the heat-related disaster foreseen by the show. Reportedly, in this particular episode, the town of Springfield faces a catastrophic heatwave.

Furthermore, another episode of the series anticipates a global climate crisis in 2024, often referred to as a "heat pandemic." The show even suggests that lockdowns may become necessary due to the scorching temperatures. This weather-related catastrophe results in restricted movement, business closures, and tragic loss of life in the town.

As The Simpsons' predictions continued to dominate social media discussions, a new question emerged: "Did The Simpsons foresee 'Threads?'" On July 6, Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp and Instagram, introduced the Instagram-based application called Threads.

A social media user's post, featuring an image that drew parallels between Homer Simpson's earlobe and the Threads logo, ignited a buzz on social media with the claim, "The Simpsons did it again."

In one episode, the series suggested that the U.S. dollar would depreciate and be supplanted by virtual currency systems, while speculations on social media hinted at the Simpsons predicting significant developments in Bitcoin every five years.

The show's other foresights for 2024 encompass an impending inflation crisis, the possibility of a nuclear conflict between the United States and China, and the potential re-election of Donald Trump as U.S. President.

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