Former Prince Harry to not attend his father King Charles’ 75th birthday

2023-11-06 15:39:20 | Last Update : 2023-11-06 15:50:16

Prince Harry, who became estranged from his father King Charles, and other royal members after the autobiography book he wrote, will not go to his father's 75th birthday. The British press drew attention to the coldness between them by reminding the sacrifice he made with his wife Meghan Markle on his 70th birthday.

Former Prince Harry to not attend his father King Charles’ 75th birthday
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Prince Harry declined an invitation to celebrate his father King Charles' 75th birthday, Daily Mail reported.

King Charles III will celebrate his birthday next Tuesday with a party at Clarence House, the royal residence in London. His son Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, will not be present at the celebration, which will be attended by close family members and friends.

Harry, who left his royal duties and moved to the United States with his wife Meghan Markle, had a completely different attitude on his father's 70th birthday and celebrated his father's birthday by postponing his honeymoon holiday with his wife.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry rejected the chance to be with his father after the shocking impact of his autobiographical book "Spare" on the royal family.

This is the second time Harry has turned down the chance to meet his father. In September, King Charles had invited his son Harry to Queen Elizabeth II's death anniversary commemoration at Balmoral, but Harry preferred to attend a charity event despite being in England at the time.

Charles and Harry have not seen each other since September 2022, when the Queen died. Harry traveled to England for his grandmother's funeral and came together with his family.

Harry also flew from the U.S. to England for the coronation of his father King Charles on May 6 and stayed in the country for only 28 hours. Harry, who did not take part in the special family dinner, official or unofficial photographs, also did not enter into a one-to-one dialogue with his father.

According to royal sources, Harry did not receive a congratulatory message from any royal member, especially his father King Charles, and his older brother Prince William, for his birthday on Sept. 15. It is thought that the coldness between Harry and his father stemmed from Harry's bad portrayal of Queen Camilla in his book.

Source: Daily Mail

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