Mark your calendars: 'Gladiator 2' promises cinematic feast in 2024

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Award-winning 2000 epic 'Gladiator,' directed by Ridley Scott, prepares to meet with audiences once again after 23 years as sequel, again helmed by Scott, set to release in 2024

Mark your calendars: 'Gladiator 2' promises cinematic feast in 2024

The 2000 film "Gladiator," which was nominated for 12 awards at 2001 Academy Awards and took home five Oscars, including the most prestigious "Best Picture," is set to make a triumphant return to the big screen after a hiatus of 23 years under the direction of Ridley Scott.

Paul Mescal is poised to take the lead in the sequel to the iconic film, currently holding the 36th position on IMDb's "Top 250 Films" list. Ridley Scott has provided updates on "Gladiator 2" recently, revealing a star-studded cast that includes luminaries such as Denzel Washington, Joseph Quinn, Fred Hechinger, and Pedro Pascal.

Despite facing delays due to Hollywood strikes, "Gladiator 2" is gearing up to resume filming following the resolution of the labor disputes.Scott disclosed that 90 minutes of the film have already been shot, and the production team is set to return to the set in a few weeks.

After months of meticulous set construction, the filming of "Gladiator 2" commenced in Morocco in June. Paramount Pictures is producing the sequel, with Paul Mescal portraying Lucilla's son, Lucius. Barring unforeseen complications, "Gladiator 2" is scheduled for release on Nov. 22, 2024.

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