King Charles faces allegations of exploiting deceased citizens' assets

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Guardian Newspaper has made a new claim about King Charles III of England and reveals that the king transferred the assets of thousands of deceased people to his inheritance

King Charles faces allegations of exploiting deceased citizens' assets

King Charles, who assumed the throne on September 8, 2022, following the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, and underwent a coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey on May 6, is alleged to be exploiting the assets of deceased citizens for personal gain.

As reported by The Guardian newspaper, King Charles is purportedly increasing his wealth by appropriating the assets of numerous individuals who have passed away in the northwest region of the country. The newspaper obtained documents from the Duchy of Lancaster, revealing that, under a system dating back to feudal times, King Charles had the authority to seize financial assets categorized as "bona vacantia" from individuals who die without leaving a will or have no heirs.

In this way, it was found that King Charles to profit from the deaths of thousands, with the assets utilized to establish a substantial commercial property empire. The Duchy of Lancaster's land and housing organization is said to have amassed tens of millions of pounds in recent years. However, the organization contends that it donated £60 million over the last decade to associations, excluding taxes.  The assets of these people were also used to create a commercial property empire and it has been revealed that the Duchy of Lancaster land and housing organization has collected tens of millions of pounds in recent years. However, the organization argued that it donated the £ 60 million obtained in the last 10 years to associations, excluding taxes.


Contrary to these claims, The Guardian disputes this assertion, asserting that, based on obtained documents, the millions acquired were clandestinely spent on the development and rental of the King's properties. The documents reveal that King Charles received £26 million from the Duchy of Lancaster, inherited after the demise of Queen Elizabeth.

The Guardian has identified numerous individuals in Preston, Manchester, Burnley, Blackburn, Liverpool, Ulverston, and Oldham, whose funds were reportedly transferred to King Charles' estate posthumously. Many of these individuals resided in dilapidated properties or social housing, creating a stark contrast with the substantial sums they left behind. Relatives of the deceased have condemned the practice as "disgusting," "shocking," and "immoral."

Source: The Guardian

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