Both farmer and actor: From the fields to the sets

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Samet Aksoy, a farmer in a rural neighborhood in Manisa, made his dream of acting a reality after diction, horse riding and sword fighting training

Both farmer and actor: From the fields to the sets
Samet Aksoy, a former farmer from Manisa's Turgutlu district, achieved his dream of becoming an actor by landing the role of Oguz Alp in the popular series "Kurulus Osman." He was selected for the role from an acting agency four years ago. 

Aksoy, who lives in the Avsar Neighborhood, was influenced by period TV series while tending to his crops, including pepper, grapes, plums, cherries, and watermelon. This influence spurred him to take decisive steps toward fulfilling his dream of becoming an actor.

Four years ago, Aksoy applied to agencies that provide supporting actors for TV series, and his life changed when he received an invitation to appear in the series "Kurulus Osman".

Aksoy's journey into acting involved going to the set of the series "Kurulus Osman" as an extra after the test shootings in Istanbul. He dedicated four years to the project, shuttling between Istanbul and Manisa. Initially, he appeared in crowd scenes as an extra for three years before transitioning to scenes with short speeches.

Seeing Aksoy's dedication, who commuted from Manisa to Istanbul every week for the series' shooting while working as a farmer, the set team assigned Aksoy the role of Oguz Alp, Orhan Bey's assistant, in this year's season of the series.

After receiving training in diction, horse riding, and sword fighting for action scenes, Samet Aksoy began portraying Oguz Alp in the series. 

Explaining that he improved himself step by step after being an extra, Aksoy said, "Then roles with dialog started. This was followed by my portrayal of Oguz Alp. In the series, Oguz Alp plays the squire of Prince Orhan Bey. I continue to give life to this character. I continue my work on the set during the week and in my field and garden at the weekend."

Aksoy stated that he felt happy living his dreams.

Thanking the series team for their trust and support, Aksoy said, "My advice to everyone here is to pursue their dreams and never give up. I realized my dreams when I was just a farmer in my village. I think everyone can succeed."

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