Greek Eurovision contestant Marina Satti appreciates Türkiye's musical influence

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Greece advances in Eurovision with Marina Satti's 'Zari'. Her acknowledgment of Türkiye's music and cultural ties with Greece resonates unity through music

Greek Eurovision contestant Marina Satti appreciates Türkiye's musical influence

The second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 concluded with the selection of the final 10 qualifiers for Saturday's Grand Final at Malmo Arena, Sweden. 

The dust has settled on the second Eurovision semifinal, with the final 10 qualifiers joining the competition for Saturday's Grand Final at Malmo Arena, Sweden.

Among them is Greece, proudly represented by singer-songwriter Marina Satti.

Satti captured hearts at the Eurovision press conference with her response to a question highlighting the unifying power of music.

A representative from a Turkish YouTuber's channel asked, “Today, we think that she represents not only Greece but also the Balkans and, of course, Turkey. We are really united through music. What do you think about that?"

Satti replied: "Thank you for those words. Also, Bulgaria and Romania are not here, so let's send greetings to them. It is true, we love Türkiye. I would like to share with you again something I have said before. I had a music teacher who taught me traditional scales from the Eastern Mediterranean region. We listened to music from Türkiye, Greece, Iran, and Azerbaijan. I was trying to understand why there were so many similarities and differences. My teacher told me something I will never forget. He said the culture and tradition of this region are far older than the current borders. So we share a lot with you. Thank you. Show them (pointing to the girls holding the flags of Greece and Türkiye). Look at those two girls over there."

Greece clinched a spot in the Eurovision 2024 final with an enthralling performance of the song "Zari", performed by 37-year-old Satti. Satti's captivating presence on stage during Thursday night's semifinal in Malmo, Sweden, showcased her live singing and dancing talents, blending traditional Greek, Balkan and Anatolian sounds.

Renowned for her innovative fusion of ethnic melodies with contemporary urban beats, Satti first gained prominence for establishing the female a cappella group Fones in 2016.

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