EU reacts to ban of its flag at Eurovision

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The EU Commission responds to the ban on flying the European flag at Eurovision, asserting that there is no valid reason for such a ban

EU reacts to ban of its flag at Eurovision

The European Commission has voiced its frustration regarding the prohibition of EU flags at the Eurovision Song Contest, urging for clarifications.

EU Commission Spokesperson Eric Mamer responded to a question at the daily press conference about the European Broadcasting Union's (EBU) ban on flying the EU flag at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden on May 11.

"There is actually no reason why this flag, which is the flag of all the EU member states participating in the contest or the member states of the Council of Europe participating in the contest, should not be flown," Mamer said.

The press reported that Margaritis Schinas, vice president of the European Commission and member responsible for the "European way of life," would contact the EBU and have it examine whether the organization benefited from EU funds.

"With less than a month to go until the European elections, there should be no obstacles, big or small, to celebrating what unites all Europeans," Schinas said on his social media account.

Under the shadow of intense protests and boycotts

Nemo, Switzerland's representative, won the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, which was marked by intense protests and boycotts due to Israel's participation.

While Israel finished the contest in fifth place with 375 points, videos of Israeli singer Eden Golan being booed by the audience during her performance and chanting "Free Palestine" were widely covered on social media.

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