British royal baby due date arrives

2013-07-22 05:13:00

Duchess Kate Middleton, with her spouse of Prince William headed to St. Mary's Hospital Monday morning and the Duchess is in the early stages of labour, Kensington Palace stated.

British royal baby due date arrives
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The gender of the British Royal Family's new member, the third heir of the British throne, is still unknown. The news of the birth will be announced as part of a royal tradition which is that the gender and weight of the baby will be written on a paper bearing the logo of Buckingham Palace, given by the royal officials to the car waiting outside the hospital to be delivered to the Royal Palace. It is not until the paper is received by the Queen herself that the royal officials inform the press of the royal baby's gender. In line with last year's amendment to the law regarding the succession of the British throne, the first child of Kate and William, if a baby girl, can be heir to the throne and bear the title "Princess." Duchess Kate Middleton will deliver her first child at London's St Mary's Hospital where late Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William back in 1982. Kate Middleton and Prince William married on April 29, 2011 at London's Westminster Cathedral with a magnificent wedding ceremony.

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