Barbie movie banned in Kuwait after Lebanon
10 Ağustos 2023 - 09:28
Barbie movie banned in another country
The Barbie movie was banned in Kuwait after Lebanon. Kuwaiti authorities stated that the movie is incompatible with the values of society. The committee announced that the movie "Barbie" was banned to protect social traditions.
Changed their name to 'Subway' for free sandwiches for lifetime
09 Ağustos 2023 - 14:30
Subway's quirky condition for lifetime sandwich
International fast food chain Subway will give free sandwiches for life to one of its customers who legally takes the company's name. Within four days of the company's announcement, nearly 10,000 people applied to change their names.
Over 1 million people watched ‘Oppenheimer’ in 3 weeks
09 Ağustos 2023 - 10:56
Moviegoers preferred ‘Oppenheimer’ in cinema
The movie "Oppenheimer", which is about the life of American physicist Julius Robert Oppenheimer, holds the record for being watched by a total of 1 million 175 thousand 698 viewers in the three weeks it was released.
Erkin Koray, the legendary name of Turkish rock music, died in Canada
08 Ağustos 2023 - 10:29
'Anatolian Rock' legend Erkin Koray dies
Bad news came from master artist Erkin Koray, who is remembered for Fesuphanallah, Cemalim, Estarabim, Öyle Bir Gecer Zaman Ki and many more. Erkin Koray, the legendary name of rock music, lost his life in Canada.
Famous actor Ben Affleck comes to Istanbul after many years
07 Ağustos 2023 - 16:00
Ben Affleck comes to his ‘favorite city’
Another Hollywood star visited Istanbul this summer. Ben Affleck came to Türkiye after many years to visit his favorite city, Istanbul.
Zuckerberg, Musk's 'cage fight' to be broadcast live on X
07 Ağustos 2023 - 10:32
Zuckerberg, Musk to square off at X
Elon Musk, the owner of the social media platform X, formerly Twitter, announced that his “cage fight” with Meta Chief Executive (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg will be broadcast live on “X”.
Breaking Bad's star Mark Margolis dies at 83
05 Ağustos 2023 - 14:50
Breaking Bad's star dies at 83
Sad news came from the famous actor Mark Margolis, who is remembered with the characters he played in the TV series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. The famous actor passed away at the age of 83.
Italian PM Meloni sues British singer Brian Molko for defamation
03 Ağustos 2023 - 15:35
Italian PM Meloni sues Placebo’s Brian Molko
Italian Prime Minister Giorgina Meloni has filed a lawsuit against Brian Molko, the soloist of British music group Placebo, who calls her 'racist' and 'fascist'.
Canadian President Trudeau and his wife Sophie are divorcing
03 Ağustos 2023 - 09:16
Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie are divorcing
Canadian President Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Trudeau, have decided to separate. The couple who wanted to end their 18-year relationship said they had a 'meaningful and difficult conversation'.
After 'starving to death', vegan raw influencer's post startled
02 Ağustos 2023 - 12:14
After 'starving to death', her message startled
'Vegan raw' food trend Samsonova was allegedly "starved to death." Her family claimed that the Russian woman'melted' as a result of the diet. A post by the woman that was published days after her death became a topic of discussion on social media.
Euphoria's Fezco, Angus Cloud, found dead in his home
01 Ağustos 2023 - 08:55
Euphoria's Fezco found dead in his home
Angus Cloud, the 25-year-old famous actor known for his character Fezco in the series 'Euphoria', was found dead in his home.
Taylor Swift concert caused an earthquake
29 Temmuz 2023 - 16:21
Taylor Swift concert caused an earthquake
Taylor Swift's two concerts in Seattle generated seismic activity of magnitude 2.3, an earthquake expert said. He said it could have been caused by her fans or the sound system.
Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt marry 19 years after proposal
29 Temmuz 2023 - 10:37
Michelle Yeoh married 19 years after proposal
Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh married former Ferrari CEO Jean Todt, the man she was proposed to nearly 20 years ago. At the ceremony in Geneva, Yeaoh held an Oscar statuette in her hand.
Eagles bassist and vocalist Randy Meisner dies at the age of 77
28 Temmuz 2023 - 12:01
Eagles bassist and vocalist Randy Meisner dies
Randy Meisner, the founding member, first bassist and vocalist of the famous American rock band, the Eagles, known for the song 'Hotel California', passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 77. Meisner had been suffering from lung disease for some time.
World famous singer Sinead O'Connor dies
27 Temmuz 2023 - 09:10
World famous singer Sinead O'Connor dies
In 2018, the world-famous Irish singer Sinead O'Connor, who converted to Islam, died at the age of 56.
Famous actor Kevin Spacey acquitted of 9 sexual harassment charges
27 Temmuz 2023 - 08:58
Kevin Spacey acquitted of 9 sexual harassment charges
Famous US actor Kevin Spacey was acquitted of all 9 sexual harassment charges against him in the UK.
Leonardo DiCaprio spotted with 28-year-old model Neelam Gill
26 Temmuz 2023 - 11:26
Leonardo DiCaprio spotted with Neelam Gill
Leonardo DiCaprio, who came to the agenda with his romances with young models, was this time seen having pleasant moments on the boat with 28-year-old model Neelam Gill, who was allegedly together for a while.
Tony Bennett, the legendary name of American classical music, dies at the age of 96
22 Temmuz 2023 - 12:50
Tony Bennett dies at 96
Tony Bennett, the legendary name of classical American music and the author of the song "I Left My Heart in San Francisco", passed away at the age of 96. Bennett, who also participated in the World War II, released more than 70 albums and won 19 Grammys.
Famous model Gigi Hadid arrested for drugs
19 Temmuz 2023 - 13:49
Gigi Hadid arrested for drugs
World-famous Palestinian model Gigi Hadid was arrested in the Cayman Islands, where she went for vacation. While it was learned that Hadid was arrested due to the presence of drugs in her suitcase, her spokesperson announced that the drug was "medically licensed".
Lindsay Lohan gives birth to her first child
18 Temmuz 2023 - 11:38
Lindsay Lohan gives birth to her first child
Actress Lindsay Lohan, who returned to her profession last year, gave birth to a son from her marriage to her financier husband, with whom she has been together for 1 year. Lohan named her son 'Luai', which means "protector" in Arabic.
Hollywood begins strike that could lead to industry 'shutdown'
14 Temmuz 2023 - 09:01
Hollywood prepares for strike
In the US, the Screen Actors Guild and the American Television and Radio Artists announced that they are preparing for a strike demanding job security and salary guarantees. It is stated that the strike, which was initiated by screenwriters for the same reason, could lead to an industry-wide "shutdown" of Hollywood for the first time since 1960.