They produced a 'smart necklace' that helps quit smoking: Eliminates nicotine addiction

2023-03-04 12:18:55 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-03-04 12:28:16

Developed in the USA and functioning as a temperature monitoring device, the 'smart necklace' helps smokers quit smoking. Thanks to this device, experts aim to "eliminate" the nicotine addiction in the brain.

They produced a 'smart necklace' that helps quit smoking: Eliminates nicotine addiction
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Developed by US experts, the device called SmokeMon consists of a simple blue box worn around the neck like a necklace. Experiments show that this portable device is effective in quitting smoking.

If you smoke, you probably already know that your habit can not only put your own health at risk, but potentially affect the health of those around you for generations to come.

Considering the public health impact of smoking, there are now many scientifically supported methods to eliminate this harmful habit from our lives. Experts are expanding their work as they learn more about the behavior of smokers who want to quit.


Developed by researchers at Northwestern University in the USA, the device is also a candidate to be the biggest assistant for those who want to quit smoking.

This device helps smokers quit by understanding their smoking habits. The most important advantage of the new technology is that it detects smoking behavior more accurately and discreetly than other prototype devices.

The battery-powered 'smart necklace' detects the heat emitted from the tip of a lit cigarette and uses thermal sensors to gather information each time a cigarette is smoked. These measurements include details such as the number of times inhaled, the amount of smoke inhaled, and the time between puffs.


In the study conducted with 19 people, scientists observed their smoking behavior by wearing the device in 115 sessions, both in the laboratory environment and in real conditions. Testing the device outside of the lab allowed the team to determine whether smokers were uncomfortable wearing the necklace in public and whether they had any reactions from those around them.

Measurements recorded by SmokeMon showed similar accuracy when compared with another device, and participant responses in post-experimental questionnaires were promising.

Most respondents reported that they were not worried about the device causing inconvenience to them or those around them, or violating their privacy.

The researchers said their results show "significant promise" in using thermal cameras to help with smoking cessation, but they need more data. Experts emphasized that the device is effective in reducing the desire to smoke.