Government of Moldova resigns: The country is trying to deal with 'multiple crises'

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Moldova's government has collapsed and its pro-EU prime minister has stepped down after 18 months of political and economic turbulence.

Government of Moldova resigns: The country is trying to deal with 'multiple crises'

On Friday local time, Moldovian Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita anounced her resignation. She said that when her government was elected in 2021, no one expected it would have to manage "so many crises caused by Russian aggression in Ukraine".

Outgoing Prime Minister Gavrilita said on Friday that Europe's poorest country is trying to deal with "multiple crises". 

This "multiple crises" was implied by the war raging in neighbouring Ukraine, Moldova has been facing inflation, high energy prices, a refugee influx and Russian aggression.

The news came just hours after Russian missiles flew over Moldovan airspace.

"I took over the government with an anti-corruption, pro-development and pro-European mandate at a time when corruption schemes had captured all the institutions and the oligarchs felt untouchable," Gavrilita said at a news conference.

"We were immediately faced with energy blackmail, and those who did this hoped that we would give in," she said, referring to the Kremlin.


Last year, Russia suddenly reduced the gas of Moldova, which is 100 percent dependent on Russia for gas. Because of this, the energy crisis broke out.

President Maia Sandu thanked Gavrilita for her "enormous sacrifice and efforts to lead the country in a time of so many crises".

"We have stability, peace and development, where others wanted war and bankruptcy," the president said.

She has already nominated her former defence adviser Dorin Recean - who is also pro-EU - as the next prime minister. The Moldovan parliament will vote to confirm his nomination next week.

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