Death law approved in Israel: It will not cover attacks against Palestinians

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In Israel, which has been oppressing the Palestinian people for many years, a decision that will be talked about a lot has been signed. The Ministerial Committee for Legislation in the country has approved the bill introducing the death penalty for 'terrorist criminals'. The bill in question will not cover terrorist attacks against Palestinians.

Death law approved in Israel: It will not cover attacks against Palestinians

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a written statement on Twitter, said, "With Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, we approved a death penalty bill for terrorists at the Ministerial Committee for Legislative Affairs."

"We will continue to make decisions on all issues, including security, operations and legislation, to deter terrorists and protect Israel's security," giving the message, Netanyahu emphasized the fight against terrorism.

If the bill is passed and enacted in all three votes to be held in the Israeli parliament (Knesset), those who commit "terrorist crimes against Israeli citizens" could be sentenced to death.


In their news, the Israeli media drew attention to the fact that the bill on the death penalty would only be implemented for terrorist attacks against Israelis, and would not include terrorist attacks against Palestinians.

Netanyahu's coalition agreements with Itamar Ben-Gvir's party, the Jewish Force, also included the death penalty for terrorist crimes.

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