Nigerians oppose elections

2023-03-02 12:24:33 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-03-02 12:28:04

Nigeria's presidential election results were announced on Wednesday, and Bola Tinucbu was elected the country's new president. But there are allegations that the elections were rigged. The people and the opposition party oppose the election results.

Nigerians oppose elections
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The people of Nigeria went to the polls for the presidential election. But the public was not satisfied with the result of the ballot box.

On Wednesday, Bola Tinucbu was declared the next president of Nigeria. The vote was meant to be the nation's fairest and most open contest to date.


The results of each voting unit would be uploaded to the website in real time. However, most units were not able to do this right away. The election process did not work well due to the inadequate communication networks of the country.

Because of these failings, the main opposition parties have rejected the results as fraudulent.

Uploading results from polling stations live to the web is not a legal requirement, but it meant results had to be collated manually inside ward and local government counting centres as in previous polls, reneging on a policy that was meant to improve transparency.

Observer missions have criticised this as the result of poor planning.


It was not only the main opposition party that opposed it. The people of Nigeria also opposed the vote. A citizen made the following statement to Reuters:

“It’s just funny because Nigerians are just doing what they feel like, so for them to declare Tinubu as the winner, let them just go ahead with whatever they are doing. We don’t care. All we know is that there must surely be a reaction to this and when it comes they should get ready to face it.”

"It was announced that Bola Tinubu won the election. We've accepted it in good faith and we urge him to try and be fair and we will all be law abiding citizens," said a trader.