Assad and Putin to meet in Moscow

2023-03-15 14:32:32 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-03-15 14:38:29

Russia will host two important meetings in a row tomorrow. The meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar Assad will turn the eyes of the world to 'Moscow'. Türkiye-Syria relations, which started a new era in diplomatic relations, will also be on the table. Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Iran and Syria, including Türkiye, will also hold a critical meeting in Moscow.

Assad and Putin to meet in Moscow
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The Kremlin announced that Putin and Assad will meet tomorrow to strengthen the cooperation between Russia and Syria. After the meeting in Moscow, the Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Türkiye, Russia, Iran and Syria will also hold a meeting.

In a written statement made by the Palace, "Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on March 15. Hopes for a comprehensive settlement of the situation in Syria and its surroundings with the further development of Russian-Syrian cooperation in political, commercial, economic and humanitarian fields. Current issues will be discussed."


Between 15-16 March in Moscow, the Deputy Foreign Ministers of Russia, Türkiye, Syria and Iran will meet to resolve the crisis in Syria.

During the meeting, it is expected to exchange views on the solution of the crisis in Syria and to discuss the steps to normalize Türkiye-Syria relations.


Türkiye is preparing to turn a new page towards ending the war with Syria, with which it broke diplomatic relations after the civil war that broke out in 2013.

In this context, Deputy Foreign Minister Burak Akcapar will preside over the Turkish delegation at the meeting on Syria tomorrow.


The first high-level bilateral contact between Ankara and Damascus since the civil war that started in Syria in 2011 took place on December 28, 2022. National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Head Hakan Fidan met with Syrian Defense Minister Ali Mahmud Abbas and the head of intelligence, hosted by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu.

After this first meeting, an agreement emerged to develop the Türkiye-Syria dialogue in a way that would also address political relations.