Israeli army issues critical warning to Netanyahu

2023-03-22 11:18:08 | Last Update : 2023-03-22 11:26:59

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's call for reservists to serve in the army with the new judicial regulation caused a crisis in Israel. Tens of thousands of reservists, announcing that he would refuse to serve in the army if the arrangement was approved, warned Netanyahu that "the army would be disintegrated".

Israeli army issues critical warning to Netanyahu
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According to reports in the Israeli media, the group called "Comrades in Arms", formed by reservists who oppose the controversial judicial regulation of the Netanyahu government, held a press conference yesterday.

Lieutenant Colonel Ron Sharf, one of the founders of the group, explained that if the government passes the legislation, they will collect signatures for a petition in which they will declare that reservists refuse to serve in the army, and they expect "tens of thousands of reservists" to participate in it.


Stating that the judicial arrangement will "give unlimited power and turn Israel into a dictatorship", Sharf called on Defense Minister Yaov Gallant to stop the legislature, "The army is falling apart in front of your eyes and you have been silent about it for 11 weeks. Say that you will not vote in favor of these laws, at least do that."

Sharf emphasized that the news that the government will delay the laws on judicial regulation in Israel for about 1.5 months, but that the government will have a say in the appointment of judges, will soon bring the bill to the Parliament, stressing that it is "unacceptable".


The Israeli soldier warned that the government was approaching the "red line" regarding the judicial regulation and noted that they had no choice but to take their actions to the next level.

It is stated that the reservists group is planning a protest near a meeting tomorrow in the capital Tel Aviv, where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will attend.


According to reports in the Israeli media, 236 reserve soldier unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators in the Israeli army announced that they will not continue their military duties if the government passes the laws on judicial regulation.

The drone operators called on the government to stop legislation "at once" and negotiate with the opposition.


Israeli Minister of Justice Yariv Levin announced on January 5 that they were planning a "judicial reform" that would limit the powers of the Supreme Court and reduce the influence of the judiciary on the selection of judges.

The moves of the coalition government led by Netanyahu to transfer some of the powers of the judiciary to the Parliament caused tensions between the government and the Israeli judiciary, especially the Supreme Court.

The Israeli Supreme Court, which acts as the highest judicial authority in the country, has the power to overturn the laws passed by the Assembly on the grounds that they are contrary to the "fundamental laws" accepted as the constitutional draft.

The Netanyahu government stated in the judicial regulation it announced that the Supreme Court's authority to overturn the laws passed by the Assembly would be largely taken away.

The judicial regulation of the government, which restricts the powers of the judiciary and envisages the power to have a say in judicial appointments, was heavily criticized on the grounds that it limited the powers of the judiciary within Israel and internationally.

The draft judicial regulation proposed by Israeli President Isaac Herzog for a solution to the crisis was accepted by the opposition but rejected by the government.

Mass protests against the Netanyahu government's judicial regulation have continued for 11 weeks with the participation of hundreds of thousands.

Hundreds of reservists in the Israeli army, including fighter pilots, submarine officers, cyber security experts, and special forces, announced that they would not continue their duties or attend training if the government implemented the controversial judicial regulation.

In Israel, domestic and foreign intelligence agencies and employees of other security institutions also announced their objections to the government's judicial regulations.

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