EU leaders comes together to discuss eurozone's economy

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Economic problems were discussed on the second day of the Central Bank's talks with European leaders on Friday. The Central Bank has stated that the eurozone is not in danger.

EU leaders comes together to discuss eurozone's economy

Officials said the Central Bank summoned European Union leaders on Friday. The purpose of the call was explained as keeping eurozone banks safe but still maintaining an EU deposit insurance scheme.

On the second day of negotiations in Brussels, EU leaders discussed economic issues. Concern over the impact of the troubles of Credit Suisse and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on the EU banking system was high on the agenda, officials said.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo stated that they do not see the risk of banks going bankrupt.

European banking stocks fell sharply again on Friday, with Deutsche Bank and UBS knocked by worries that actions by regulators and central banks have yet to contain the worst problems to face the sector since the 2008 financial crisis.

Deutsche Bank shares fell for a third day, dropping more than 12% after a sharp jump in the cost of insuring its bonds against the risk of default.


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