No one can talk to us like this: President of Azerbaijan Aliyev

2023-03-29 09:39:55 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-03-29 09:50:15

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has burdened some Western countries with heavy words that still cannot digest the Nagorno-Karabakh victory. Azeri Leader, "No one can speak to us with the language of an ultimatum. We proved this to Armenia in the 2nd Karabakh War and to the protectors of Armenia in the 2.5 years after the war."

No one can talk to us like this: President of Azerbaijan Aliyev
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Nagorno-Karabakh, which is of great importance for the Turkish world, was liberated from the bondage of Armenia for many years with the contributions of Türkiye, about 2 and a half years ago. However, under the influence of Armenian lobbies, some Western countries, especially France, reveal their discomfort at every opportunity that Nagorno-Karabakh fell into the hands of Azerbaijan, which is the real owner.

While Azerbaijan gave the necessary answer to these indigestion that occurs from time to time, President Aliyev warned the countries in question very harshly this time.


Aliyev received Masim Mammadov, whom he appointed as the representative of the president to Lachin, which was liberated from the occupation of Armenia in the 2nd Karabakh War.

In his speech at the reception, Aliyev reminded that the infrastructure and environment were damaged by Armenia in Lachin during the occupation period, and stated that illegal resettlement was implemented in some parts of the province.

Aliyev noted that they have also started extensive reconstruction and revival works in Lachin, and that the citizens who had to leave their lands will return to the region in a short time, and that the Azerbaijani state will provide them with comfortable living conditions.


Ilham Aliyev reminded that the mediators have taken a different approach to Lachin during the negotiations that have been going on for years, and that Armenia never wanted to give Lachin back to Azerbaijan. "France's unfair and negative attitude towards Azerbaijan is not a coincidence. During the occupation period, they wanted to conceal their attitude and mislead us," he said.


Stating that an ugly campaign has been carried out against Azerbaijan in the 2.5 years since the 2nd Karabakh War, Aliyev said, "All this is in sight. Some decisions adopted by the European Parliament against Azerbaijan are the product of a pro-Armenian, corrupt and anti-Azerbaijani group. And here French deputies play the leading role."

Expressing that they felt the attitude of some Western countries towards Azerbaijan during the occupation period, although not as much as today, Aliyev said, "We could not imagine that countries could be so hypocritical and liar. They can say one thing to one's face and do something else behind their back." 

Noting that the whole world saw everything in the 2.5 years after the 2nd Karabakh War, Aliyev said, "Anti-Azerbaijani forces also saw our strong will. No one can affect our will. No one can speak to us with an ultimatum. This is the 2nd Karabakh War. We proved it to Armenia in the war, and to the protectors of Armenia in the 2.5 years after the war."