Zelenskyy made an unexpected visit to France

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made an unexpected visit to France after his visit to Germany. During his visit, Zelenskyy met with French President Emmanuel Macron. Macron said he would "confirm his unwavering support" for Ukraine.

Zelenskyy made an unexpected visit to France

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Italy, then Germany, and now France, to receive military support commitments from European countries as they prepare for the offensive against the Russian invasion.

During his unexpected visit to France, Zelenskyy will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday night, reported VOA News.

Macron's office announced Zelenskyy's trip to Paris and took Zelenskyy on a plane from Germany, where he met with Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Macron's office said the two leaders will hold talks over dinner and that Macron will “reaffirm France and Europe's unwavering support to reestablish Ukraine in its legitimate rights and to defend its fundamental interests.”

Macron's office also stated that military and humanitarian aid will be on the agenda for "the more long-term perspectives for a return to peace in Europe."

France has supplied Ukraine with an array of weaponry, include air-defense systems, light tanks, howitzers and other arms and fuel.

Source: VOA News

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