Demonstrators gather to protest against company contributing to climate change in France

2023-05-26 12:03:39 | Last Update : 2023-05-26 12:45:33

Ahead of the annual shareholders' meeting of TotalEnergies group members, activists gathered in France to protest against the company for contributing to climate change. Protesters staged a sit-in in front of the venue and police responded with tear gas. Their previous protests have been successful.

Demonstrators gather to protest against company contributing to climate change in France
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In the French capital Paris, TotalEnergies will hold its annual shareholders' meeting.

According to French broadcaster TF1, a group of protesters staged a sit-in outside the Salle Pleyel to oppose the company's general meeting. Police intervened against the protesters.


The aim of the protesters was to oppose the company's contribution to climate change. Chanting slogans such as "Total assassin," and "One, two, three degrees, we must thank Total." the crowd showed their anger.

The group staged a sit-in at the entrance of the venue before being removed by police officers.

However, the protesters refused to leave the area. Police responded with tear gas.


In a joint statement in April, activist groups, including Alternatiba, Amis de la Terre, Attac, and Greenpeace, said that they would not allow the annual meeting of TotalEnergies to take place, Anadolu reported.

A similar protest last year resulted in almost all shareholders of the TotalEnergies group being barred from entering the venue.

TotalEnergies is not the only energy company targeted by climate activists.

Activists interrupted oil giant Shell's annual meeting in London with a protest on Tuesday and that of BP on April 27.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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