Clashes on Iran Afghanistan border

2023-05-27 16:40:14 | Last Update : 2023-05-27 16:48:28

The border between Iran and Afghanistan has been an eventful and dangerous time. Clashes broke out between Taliban forces and Iranian border guards. It was announced that military officials were in a meeting to assess the situation.

Clashes on Iran Afghanistan border
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Pakistani and Iranian border forces occasionally clash with Taliban forces after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan.

Iran and Afghanistan have recently been in tension over water sharing on the Hilmend River.

While this tension continues, a development coming from the border region of the two countries has caused uneasiness.


According to Anadolu, clashes broke out between Iranian border guards and Taliban forces.

Intense sounds of clashes were heard in the footage released and claimed to be from the moment of the clash at the border.

It was shared that the clash, the cause of which is not yet clear, has ended and the military officials of the two sides on the border are in a meeting to evaluate the cause of the clash.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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