Pakistan's former PM Khan charged in 7 different cases, gets bail extended for another 10 days

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The court extended the bail period of Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, who is on trial in seven separate cases, for another 10 days. During this period, Khan is banned from being arrested by the police.

Pakistan's former PM Khan charged in 7 different cases, gets bail extended for another 10 days

A Pakistani court on Wednesday extended former Prime Minister Imran Khan's bail for another 10 days, according to a court record. Imran Khan is facing trial in seven separate cases.

A two-member bench of the Islamabad High Court directed Khan to appear before relevant courts within the next 10 days and barred the police from arresting him during the said period, Anadolu reported.


Khan was arrested for an offense related to the Al-Qadir University Trust case. Last June, the new coalition government alleged that Khan and his wife obtained land worth billions of rupees for their trust from Malik Riaz, a major property tycoon of Pakistan, to build an educational institute, Al Jazeera reported.

The NAB has alleged that Khan's PTI government struck a deal with Riaz that caused a loss of more than $239m to the national exchequer, in a quid pro quid arrangement with the real estate businessman.

In December 2019, Riaz agreed to hand over assets, including properties worth $239m, to the United Kingdom's National Crime Agency in an investigation related to "dirty money".

As part of this case, Khan and his wife appeared before a judge.


Khan, 70, the country's only premier who was ousted through a no-trust vote in Pakistan's 75-year political history, is facing a slew of cases against him, ranging from terrorism to attempted murder and to money laundering.

Khan has been charged in 7 different cases, which he calls "sham". These cases were filed after Khan stepped down as prime minister in April last year.

Khan blames his unceremonious ouster on a US-backed conspiracy, the allegation that the incumbent coalition government in Islamabad and Washington have repeatedly refuted.

He narrowly escaped assassination while leading an anti-government long march towards Islamabad last November.

Source: Anadolu Agency - Al Jazeera

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