110 soldiers and diplomats detained in Kyrgyzstan coup attempt

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Operations were organized against a group of coup plotters in Kyrgyzstan, one of the Turkic Republics. According to the first information, 110 soldiers and bureaucrats were detained in the operation. A large-scale investigation continues in the country.

Operations were launched across the country against a group planning a coup against the elected government in Kyrgyzstan. According to breaking news in the country's press, Kyrgyzstan's State Committee for National Security launched simultaneous operations today against individuals who were found to have attempted a coup in the country.


In operations organized in various parts of the country, people who were likely to participate in the coup were detained. According to initial reports, 110 soldiers and bureaucrats were detained.

Kyrgyzstan's media shared footage of the operation and reported that a group in the country was preparing to overthrow Caparov's government. No detailed information has yet been released about the people detained by Kyrgyz security forces.


Kyrgyzstan is often the scene of coup attempts and popular movements. In 2021, Kyrgyz MP Baktybek Jatigenov was detained on suspicion of planning a coup. It was also reported at the time that Cetigenov and Askat Temraliyev, the head of the El Intımagı Association, made a secret agreement for protests in the capital Bishkek. It was revealed that Cetigenov was planning to seize power with these protests and was later detained and arrested.

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