Trudeau on Kyiv visit says counterattack may begin

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Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau made a surprise visit to Ukraine. Meeting with Ukrainian leader Zelenskyy, Trudeau signaled that the long-awaited counter-offensive could begin and reiterated his support for Ukraine's struggle against Russia.

Trudeau on Kyiv visit says counterattack may begin

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a surprise visit to Kyiv. Trudeau signaled that the long-awaited spring counteroffensive could begin.

After laying a wreath at the memorial to fallen Ukrainian soldiers in Kyiv, Trudeau reiterated Canada's support for Canada's fight against Russia. 


It was his second unannounced visit to Ukraine since the Russian invasion began in February last year.

Trudeau last travelled to Ukraine just over a year ago, where he reopened the Canadian Embassy in Kyiv and met Zelenskyy in person for the first time since the war began.


Ukraine's General Staff said on Saturday that "heavy battles" were underway. It gave no details but said Russian forces were "defending themselves" and launching air and artillery strikes in Ukraine's southern Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions.

Meanwhile, Britain's defense ministry reported on Saturday there has been "significant Ukrainian operations" in the country's east and south since Thursday morning, with gains in some areas.

Source: The Epoch Times

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