Lebanon fails to elect president in 12th parliamentary vote

2023-06-15 14:21:31 | Last Update : 2023-06-15 14:29:32

Lebanon's new president failed to be elected in the 12th session of the parliament yesterday.

Lebanon fails to elect president in 12th parliamentary vote
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The Lebanese Parliament had held 11 meetings to elect a new head of state to replace former President Michel Aoun, whose term of office ended in October, but these meetings did not yield any results, Ihlas News Agency reported.

The Lebanese Parliament convened yesterday and voted for the 12th time. In the session, presidential candidates Suleiman Frangiye, leader of the Marada Party, and Jihad Azour, former finance minister and senior official of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), did not receive enough votes. Parliament once again failed to elect its new leader.

In the first round of parliamentary voting, the presidential candidate needed 86 out of 128 deputies, or two-thirds of the votes, with Azur receiving 59 votes and Frangiye 51. 

After the failed vote, the session was once again adjourned. It has not yet been announced when the 13th session of the presidential election will be held.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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