Biden's ending his remarks by saying 'God save the queen' became a hot topic

2023-06-17 11:41:04 | Last Update : 2023-06-17 12:01:32

US President Biden's ending his speech on gun control at the summit he attended by saying 'God save the queen' became an agenda on social media. In his speech, Biden also emphasized that assault weapons will be banned in the US. 

US President Joe Biden caused confusion on Friday evening when he ended his speech on gun control at the National Safer Communities Summit in Connecticut with the words "God save the queen". 

Speaking at the summit, Biden stated that the gun control law passed last year with the support of the Republican Party was one of the most serious steps taken in the last 30 years.


Biden emphasized that homicides have decreased in the US this year and stated that they passed the most meaningful gun safety legislation in 30 years. 

He said: "We are going to ban assault weapons in this country."

Then just before putting down his microphone, he added: "All right? God save the Queen, man".

It was not clear whether Biden was making a gaffe or a joke with this statement.


His critics were quick to jump on the phrase and "God Save the Queen" was soon trending on Twitter.

But other Twitter users pointed out that Mr Biden has used the phrase before to end his speeches.

The White House press office reportedly clarified Mr Biden's remarks in an email, saying: "He couldn't do the full ropeline due to weather, and was commenting to someone in the crowd."

Source: Ihlas News Agency - Evening Standard

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