Cambodia's PM Hun Sen, in power for 40 years, hands over to his son

2023-07-26 12:26:00 | Last Update : 2023-07-26 12:31:19

Ending 40 years in power by retiring, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen left the task of forming a new government to his eldest son Hun Manet. Hun Manet, known for being a commander in the army, will enter political life with his new post.

Cambodia's PM Hun Sen, in power for 40 years, hands over to his son
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Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, one of the world's longest-serving leaders, has given his son Hun Manet the task of forming a new government after the ruling party won a landslide election over the weekend. Hun Sen will retire after 40 years in government.

The expected announcement came three days after his party again won all seats in a non-competitive election.

In his speech on Wednesday, Hun Sen spoke of the destabilization of the situation in Cambodia as long as he remains in office. "It is very necessary for a new cabinet of all young people," he said, emphasizing the importance of young people in the cabinet.

"The party has appointed the candidate as the PM and now he will become the Prime Minister in the coming weeks," he said of his eldest son. 

"I would like to ask for understanding from the people as I announce that I will not continue as prime minister," he stated.


Hun Sen's eldest son, Hun Manet, 45, has had a career in the armed forces as a four-star general. Until recently, he was commander of the Royal Cambodian Army. 

But Hun Manet will run for election for the first time, marking a start in his political life. On Wednesday, Hun Sen said his son would be appointed prime minister on August 10.


After the main opposition was banned from participating in the elections for a second time, the ruling Cambodian People's Party won a landslide majority in the National Assembly on Sunday, taking 120 out of 125 seats.

There were 17 other parties on the ballot, but all are too small and new to be a real alternative for voters.

The vote was criticized by some western nations, and triggered the US to impose visa restrictions on individuals "who undermined democracy and implemented a pause of certain foreign assistance programs."

Source: Time - BBC

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