Protesters continue to take to the streets in 7th month of judicial reform in Israel

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Israelis took to the streets again, as they do every week, against the Netanyahu government's judicial reform. The demonstrations organized due to the judicial reform have been going on for about 7 months. It is estimated that around130,000 people attended the demonstration on Tel Aviv's Kaplan Street.

Protesters continue to take to the streets in 7th month of judicial reform in Israel

Israel is in a state of turmoil. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis protest the Netanyahu government every week against the Tel Aviv government's judicial reform.

Israelis took to the streets across the country in protest against the coalition government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's passage of a bill in Parliament that removes the Supreme Court's control over the government as part of a judicial reform, Anadolu reported.

Israelis, who organize mass demonstrations every Saturday night against the judicial reform and right-wing policies of the far-right coalition government led by Netanyahu, are leaving behind the 30th week of their protests.

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis participated in demonstrations in dozens of locations across the country, including Tel Aviv, West Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheba, Herzliya and Rehovot.

In Tel Aviv, which hosted the most intense demonstration as every week, protesters gathered in front of the Government Complex on Kaplan Street.

Speaking on the stage set up here, Shikhma Bressler, one of the leaders of the anti-Netanyahu government protest movement, said that "they need to increase the resistance and they will do it" after the government passed the judiciary regulation law in the parliament.

Demonstrators chanted slogans of "democracy" while beating rhythm with drums, whistles and air horns. Protesters carried Israeli flags, banners, placards and pictures criticizing the coalition government's judicial reforms and far-right politicians.

Channel 13 received an estimate from an audience analysis company that estimated that around 130,000 people attended the demonstration on Tel Aviv's Kaplan Street.

A group of demonstrators blocked the highway at the Karkur junction near Haifa in northern Israel. Police intervened in the group blocking the road and detained one person.

Opposition leaders also participated in demonstrations in different parts of the country.


A group of demonstrators carried the names and pictures of some police officers, who were caught on camera during their intervention in previous demonstrations, on banners with the words "Attention".

The Israeli police announced that they launched an investigation into the banners with the names and pictures of the officers.


The "judicial reform" announced by Israeli Justice Minister Yariv Levin on January 5 includes changes such as limiting the powers of the Supreme Court and giving the government a say in judicial appointments.

On March 27, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that he had postponed the judicial reform, which has caused increasing mass protests and strikes across the country, but announced that they would bring the judicial reform back to the agenda after the 2023-2024 budget is passed by Parliament at the end of May.

The government had recently resumed negotiations with the opposition after negotiations with the opposition broke down.

The Netanyahu government passed a bill to remove the Supreme Court's control over the government in a parliamentary session boycotted by the opposition on July 24, despite massive protests and intense public debate across the country.

Thousands of Israelis, including fighter pilots, submarine officers and other elite troops, who opposed the government's "judicial reform", decided to quit voluntary reserve military service.

In Israel, senior figures in politics, the army, security, economy and the judiciary have expressed their opposition to the government's judicial reform.

The protest movement against the Netanyahu government's judicial regulation has been continuing its demonstrations for about 7 months.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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