Hungary's parliament fails to vote on Sweden's NATO membership

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Sweden, which is trying to become the 32nd member of NATO, has experienced another shock. The Hungarian Parliament protested against Sweden's NATO membership. The Budapest administration is acting together with Türkiye on Stockholm's membership of the alliance.

Hungary's parliament fails to vote on Sweden's NATO membership

In Hungary, a special parliamentary session called by the opposition to approve Sweden's accession to NATO failed to vote due to lack of a quorum.

Ruling party deputies protesting the extraordinary parliamentary meeting they organized to approve Sweden's accession to NATO did not attend the session, Anadolu reported.


The vote on Sweden's accession to NATO was delayed after members of the ruling party, which has a two-thirds majority in parliament, failed to show up for the meeting. Peter Szijjarto, Hungary's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, said on July 11 that ratification of Sweden's NATO membership was currently "only a technical matter". On June 28, Hungary announced that Sweden's NATO membership ratification session had been postponed until the fall.

In a statement released after the trilateral meeting between Türkiye, Sweden and NATO in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, it was noted that Türkiye would refer the Protocol on Sweden's Accession to NATO to the Turkish Parliament and Sweden would support efforts to revitalize Türkiye's European Union (EU) membership process.


Finland became NATO's 31st member on April 4, while Türkiye and Hungary have yet to approve Sweden's membership. Hungarian Minister Szijjarto stated on July 5 that they will be in constant contact with Ankara and underlined that if Türkiye's position on Sweden's membership to the Alliance changes, Hungary will not prevent any country from joining NATO.


On June 14, Szijjarto stated that the Hungarian government supports Sweden's membership in NATO, but the final decision belongs to the parliament, taking into account the "insults" the Stockholm government has made against his country.

Szijjarto noted that they were constantly subjected to criticism, accusations and allegations by Swedish politicians, and recalled that Sweden had accused Hungary of "not having democracy and becoming a dictatorship".

Szijjarto stated that such criticism was a valid reason for not approving Sweden's NATO membership.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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